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Are You Ready To Seize The Market Downturn? | Reflections on the Real Estate Market Pt. 2

The market is shot... Now what? In the first installment of our Reflections on the Real Estate Market blog series, we established that there most definitely have been significant changes to the real estate ecosystem. With a particular emphasis on dissecting debt, since it plays such a key role in buying and selling. But now, what are you supposed to do with that info? How can it translate into where you are in your own career as a budding real estate investor? Let’s explore. If you’re ready - there will be opportunity. There will be deals. Enough time has passed now to conclude there’s no way any Federal bailout will cover the full extent of the damage. Investors and regular people...

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Reflections on the Real Estate Market during COVID-19 | Pt. 1

A lot has changed in the Real Estate markets in just the last 30-60 days. From brokers and house-flippers to buy-and-hold investors, the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the entire economic system for real estate investors. There’s no better time to stop than now to stop and think through what these changes could mean for you. Here's my attempt. Securing debt has gotten much trickier. Obtaining debt is a massive part of being a real estate investor. It’s the oil that keeps the entire system running. And late last year, lending requirements were super relaxed. You could buy a mid-sized building for just 10% of it’s value in cash. Lenders would loan you the rest of the money to buy it and...

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JH Daily 001

Here we go, my first attempt at a daily audio journal of sorts. Have been wanting to do this for a while, so why not now. Nothing special. 2-5 minute digests of where I'm at in the mornings... Helps me process the day.  

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