John Henry Ani Sanyal

Welcome to our passion (project),

As products of hard working immigrant parents, both John and I understood the value of equity and ownership early in our lives. Though our families came from different places, we were united under the same umbrella of chasing the American Dream.

Unfortunately, you quickly learn that the “American Dream” can be a bit of a nightmare. In this country, if you don’t own a piece of what you do, you’re constantly subject to the whims of your employers, the market and big business.

Since those early days, we’ve been laser focused on building businesses and creating equity in our respective lives. From real estate to private equity, from laundromats to record labels, we’ve touched it all. Through this journey, we became more aware of our power as culture makers.

This forced us to look inward. Why were we wearing other brands and giving them free promotion on the backs of our own cultural equity? In a search to find brands to support, we ended up creating our own.

Welcome to Equity Apparel. We’re an ownership-focused lifestyle brand. We create premium, purposeful gear for those who understand the value of building it for themselves. All of our clothes are printed on heavyweight, high quality cotton blends and made right here in the U.S.A. Our focus is to empower fellow entrepreneurs on their journey by giving them the clothes to hustle in. The American Dream lives on.


Ani Sanyal and John Henry